Victor Öhling Norberg

About V Ö N

As long as I can remember I have always skied as much as I can. For me it began in Bruksvallarna where I grew up with my parents Eva-Christina, Björn and my three year older brother Oscar. My father owned and ran a hotel in the mountains of Härjedalen/Bruksvallarna, where I spent most of my time as a kid. During my early years, I have tried many sports but it was alpine skiing which I thought was the most fun. When winter came, me and my brother went skiing as much as we could every day. But as the competitor I am, I wanted to ski as fast and good as the best skiers.

At the age of eight I had to started practice alpine racing. Because my brother raced at the time, he took me practice with the big boys in the club. My parents could not drive us both to the various trainings so I had to jump in and go with the elderly at once. When I think back on that time, I think I learned a lot by watching and learning of the older guys. I fell completely for alpine racing and when I was not training I skied as much as I could in the mountains.

”The mix of different skiing has shaped me to the skier I am today.”

At age 16, I joined the ski school in Åre where I combined studies and skiing in four years. During the last year of the High School me and some friends tried a Ski Cross race, just for fun. I got on the podium. I thought it was very funny but had no plans to change sports from Alpine Skiing. But after I finished school in spring 2010, the Ski Cross coach called me and asked if I wanted to go with them on a Ski Cross camp. Already next fall I qualified to compete in my first World Cup race.

There were more competitions and a new love had arisen between me and Skicross.

The season 2012/2013 was the year it happened. With two third places, a second place finish and my first victory (pre-Olympics in Sochi) I became third in the overall World Cup. I received after that season the ticket to my first Olympic Games.

The season 2013/2014 was only about the Olympic Games in Sochi. Before the Olympics I had the best start of a season with three podiums and the Red vest in the World Cup. I was in the best shape, but everything went wrong after I lost my balance in the last jump. I was devastated but told myself that I would win the overall World Cup instead, which I succeeded the same year. To take home the overall World Cup Skicross is the biggest sporting achievement I have made and I will do anything to take back the title. Today  my big goal is Olympic Gold, World Championship Gold and take back the World Cup title. When i don’t travel I live in Åre and in the summer I love to play golf.