What is Ski Cross

Skicross is similar to motocross, the downhill and skiing. The track contains velodromcurves, jumps of various sizes, mountain waves, and other types of elements and obstacles.The riders run in heats of four, the first two across the finish line goes on to the next heat. On a ski cross race starts always with a qualifying runs where you go alone in the course of time, the 32 fastest riders qualify then on to the finals. Heat Subdivision and the selection of the starting gate is affected by the qualifying time. The finals is as follows: quarter final, quarter final, semi-final, the B-final and the final.Skicross is a very spectator-friendly sport that is incredibly spectacular to watch. It is action from top to bottom with the high speeds, overtaking tough fights, hopes and happy faces.Skicross is a relatively new branch of skiing in Sweden and rest of the world. The first ski cross races held in North America in the mid / late 90s. Today, Sweden has a competition series for children and youth, and for seniors on national and international level and will for the sixth year to organize a World Cup.